Wednesday, January 4, 2012

December fun!

Cousins: Brooklyn & Allie after getting pics taken in their matching PJs.

We went to visit Grandpa & Grandma Sant in Elko-Grandpa took Bugs on a Cat Cat hunt.

Grandma Christie & Bugs

Brooklyn holds on for dear life as we drive home on snowy roads from Elko.

Cousins: Brooklyn & Logan get pics taken in their Christmas PJ's.

Brooklyn at 10 months old. This is now the face she gives me when I pull out the camera and tell her to smile. Love it!!

Brooklyn & Santa-NO FEAR!!

Love the lights on Temple Square!

All bundled up to see te lights. (The words, "I can't put my arms down, I can't put my arms down!" kept running through my head. )

Love my family!!

Great-grandma Sant and Brooklyn.

Great-grandma Robison and Brooklyn

Aunt Radene & Brooklyn (Aunt Radene gave Brooklyn her cute Minnie Mouse outfit.)

Christmas morning....loves the pillow pet!

She didn't really care for the paper at all, but once she saw the toys, she was all grins!!

Pure happiness!

Playing with her new blocks, and wearing her Christmas outfit from Ama.

9 Months Old!

I can't believe how fast time flies! Our 'Little B' is not so little anymore. She loves to talk, she always has a big smile on her face whenever we get her up, she has the best giggle. I love wen she scrunches her nose, claps and waves bye. And she's starting to give kisses! At 9 months, she's starting to grow into herself. She's 30" long and weighs 23 lbs....still in the 99th percentile, out little giant. Love you Bugs!!

Happy Halloween

My favorite black cat.
Celebrating the big 3-0!!

Isn't she the cutest ladybug you've ever seen?!

Fish face!

Before trick-or-treating...

During trick-or-treating....

After trick-or-treating.
A bumble bee, lady bug, and a nerd who likes to catch bugs. :) I'd say he did a good job!!

Family Pics

Here's a few of my favorite pics from our photo shoot at Wheeler Farm. Thank you Amanda Bishop-we love them!! And don't forget the one at the top of our blog...definitely our favorite!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Going Private

I think we've decided to make our Blog private, so if you still want to be able to read it, let me know. :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

What we love about Brooklyn

Dear Brooklyn,

Dad and I can't get over how much we love you and how cute you are! Here are just a few of the reasons why we love you and think you're so cute:

You'll try new foods. Yummy!

You love playing with your Papa!

Love those cousins!

Being good while mommy works.

Love those legs!!

Love coming in to find you asleep like this.

Can't get enough of those legs and toesies!

You're such a happy girl!

Watching football with daddy.

More cousin time-so glad we have all these cousins around!

You're great at catching animals. :)

Ready for church. Love that face!!


Kenyan and I got to take a little weekend trip up to the Uintahs a few weeks ago. It was nice to getaway for a few days. And thanks to my mom and Lauren for watching Miss B for us while we were gone.

We decided to take Mazee with us since we were going by ourselves. We figured if we wanted to see how she did camping, now was the time to do it while no one else would be with us for her to bother.

About a mile up the trail Kenyan decided to take her off the leash. I was a little worried about this, but she did so good! She would go ahead of us up the trail, stop, look back, wait a little bit, and then keep going. She did this the whole way and stayed right with us! I was amazed considering this is the same dog who bolts out the front door as soon as it's open.

We were going to tie her up to a tree while we went and fly fished the river, but after barely walking away and hearing her bark and yelp we decided to try taking her with us. She would stay with whoever was further downstream.

So, besides the mosquitos being 100x more prevalent than they usually are, and the fact that I really need to get back into shape after having Miss B, we had a lot of fun!